Alright guys, I'm completely obsessed with Primeval right now so who knows I might end up righting something, I just have one wish, why couldn't they have had more Stephen/Abby moments before he died. They were so cute, I mean not as cute as Connor/Abby is my favorite pairing on the show. I was just wondering if anyone else out there watches the show and if you do whether or not you know any good communities to join.

Into The Night: Supernatural Fanfic: Chapter 1/?
It was around 10 at night and Summer was helping her boss close up shop for the night. She had been working at the Paranormal Research Institute for at least 6 months now. The whole thought of encountering ghosts in real life sent shudders down her spine. She sat down at her laptop trying to finish typing up a lab report due Monday. Her boss glanced at her and sighed, "Alright Miss Hawthorne, it's closing time. Hurry up, you hear me. I'm gonna head out to the garage now. You have an hour to get done with your work and go home." he told her closing off the main light just leaving the desk lamp on for her. "Thanks Joe, I appreciate it. See you tomorrow." she called out.

Half an hour later, she yawned. "Finally." she said talking to herself outloud. She shut down the computer and grabbed the printed copy of her report. She switched off the lamp and walked out of the office, closing the door behind her. She twisted the knob and made sure that it had locked behind her. She walked down the hallway heading to the elevator. She pressed the down button and looked up at the mirror like camera and checked out her hair and make-up. She froze as she saw the hall light flicking in the mirror. The atmosphere turned cold and her breath turned to mist. "Hello?" she called out not really expecting an answer. The elevator doors dinged open and she jumped startled. She took one last look behind her and stepped onto the elevator pressing the button for the garage. The doors dinged shut and she sighed, hoping that all she saw and felt was caused by faulty wiring.

The elevator finally came to a stop and the doors opened to a semi-light garage. She saw that Joe's blue Toyata Tundra was still parked across from her red Volkswagon beetle. She could see that his driver door was ajar. She wondered if he was looking for something on the floor of his truck cause she didn't see him in the drivers seat. Her curiousity got the better of her and she walked to his truck and rounded the end of it to peer inside his driver door, "Joe?" she called out, the name falling to a whisper as she found her boss lying in his truck, eyes wide open, his mouth open with surprise. The poor man's throat had been stabbed. Summer started gasping for breath, tears welled up, as she began to scream in terror.

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If you like True Blood and support the pairing of Tommy Mickens and Jessica Hamby, you should add this community completely dedicated to the ship of TommyxJessica.


Alice in Wonderland!!!!!
OMG I'm so excited. Me and a group of my drama club friends are going to Alice in Wonderland in theaters!! Gosh, it's gonna be awesom and what I think is so ironic is that fact that our One act Play UIL group is also performing Alice in Wonderland but we have no Cheschire Cat (cries!!!) Oh well I just hope if everyone would be so kind as to pray for us to go to State. It would be awesome if we could make it that far. Be like a dream come true!

Chlollie; I Ain't Missing You

Video I found that I fell in love with. It's not the best editing but I like the idea for it. Just thought I would share it. Hope ya'll Chlollie fans like it too.

Mortal Instruments series
OMG just got done reading the Mortal Instrument series. Can not wait until the fourth book comes out. Also I heard there is going to be a movie coming out sometime in 2010. does anyone know if thats true or not? Anyways my sister is a really big fan and she made me read the books and I fell in love with them instantly. Jace is amazing, I love Simon, and Clary is lucky to know hot guys like them. I'm insanely jealous and that is so weird to be jealous of a fictional character lol.

Writer's Block: Like mobile for chocolate
If you had to give up either chocolate or your mobile phone forever, which would you sacrifice?

If I had to give up chocolate or my cell phone, I would probably sacrifice the chocolate. Chocolate at my house is a rarity anyways, so I wouldn't be missing much. My mom doesn't like to keep candy in the house and when she does it is well-hidden from my younger siblings so they don't end up being a sticky mess. And besides a cellphone is a must have especially in emergencies, and how else are you supposed to stay in touch with friends during the day when you are not around them alot.


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